George Campus is a firm favourite of students who study Wood Technology because the Southern Cape is seen as the historical and traditional timber centre of South Africa.


What Do Wood Technologists Do?

  • Sawmill Manager
  • Paper Mill Manager
  • Particle Board Production Manager
  • Timber Treatment Plant Manager
  • Timber Structure Designer and Projects Manager
  • Timber Merchant
  • Timber Consultant in technologies such as processing, drying, preservation, gluing surface finishing and timber structures
  • Entrepreneur in Timber Industry
  • Furniture and Joinery plant manager

Career Opportunities

The main employers of Wood Technology students are the softwood and hardwood sawmill companies, mining timber mills, fibre and particle board mills, timber preservation plants, roof-truss manufacturers, secondary timber product manufacturers, the furniture industry, the South African Bureau of Standards(SABS), Council for Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR) and various machine manufacturers. Their work relates to production, management, training, marketing and research.

Records show a 100% employment rate of graduates the past fifteen years.


Qualities of a Wood Technologist

The prospective wood technologist needs to have an interest in technology and business applicable to timber as sustainable natural resource. The candidate must be able must possess an ability to adapt to changing circumstances and to cope with pressure and deadlines to solve problems logically. 

Contact information
Mr Richard Muller
Lecturer and Programme Co-ordinator
Tel: 27 44 801 5015